Satma Awards 2014 Winners

The 9th Annual SATMA Awards were held at the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape this year. They were split into two days. The first event was held on Friday, 17 October 2014 and the second one was held on Saturday. There were 37 categories in total. Saba Mbixane won the Best Traditional DJ award again this year. This came as no surprise to most Maskandi fans. Mbixane has won this award four times in a row since 2011. The Best Maskandi Album went to Amageza Amahle for their new album “Isisu Somkhwenyana”. Umhlobo Wenene FM won the Best Radio Station award.


Below is a full list of winners:

Day 1 Winners

Best Isicathamiya Album: New Try Singers – Khetha Ukuthula
Best Video Song: Mlethwa Majola – Nomi’yiphi
Best Poet: Ndumiso Maphumulo – Ze ningondle
Best Newcomer artist: Uqhoshangokwenzakwakhe – Apoint 2 prove
Best Traditional Dance group: Serantlhatlha arts Ensemble
Best African Jazz Album: Morayks – Lesotho
Best Praise Singer: Wise & Sbo – Ivangeli
Best Vernecular Hip Hop Album: Dr Bone – Lindelani
Best Mbaqanga Album: Sandile Khwela – Insimbi
Best Afro Soul Album: Musa – The Dream
Best Raggae Album: Lumodi – Woman President
Best Female Album: Jessica Mbangeni – Igoli
Best Male Album: Imfeze’Emnyama – Palesa
Best Traditional and Cultural News Journalist (Print Media): Lulamile Feni – DAILY DISPATCH
Best Traditional and Cultural News Journalist (Electronic Media): Nomalanga Betty Mnguni – SABC NEWS/Ikwekwezi fm
Best Arts and Culture Department: Eastern Cape
Best Vernacular Local Movie: Aliboni
Best Community Radio DJ: Nonhlanhla Ndonso – Zululand fm
Best Indigenous comedian – Mduduzi Ntuli

Day 2 Winners

Best Xitsonga Album: Joe Shirimani – Ka Tika
Best TshiVenda Album: Tycoon 4 Sho – Vhotshilo
Best Indian Album: Flash Entertainers – Flash 45
Best IsiSwati Album : Zandi N – Hlala Ngent’fombi
Best IsiNdebele Album: Amatshatangubo – Kwathula’moya
Best Sepedi Album: Julia Aphane – Serurubele/Butterfly
Best Cultural Talk Show: Melumzi Xego – Forte FM
Best Sesotho Album: Motho oa maloro mabe fanini No2 – Motho Oa Maloro Mabe Fanini
Best Boeremusiek: Willie Jooster – Treklavier Treffers
Best IsiXhosa Album: Jessica Mbangeni – Igoli
Best Traditional San Group: Paulus – Mapondo
Best SeTswana Album: Serantlhatlha Arts Ensemble – Serope Mperekele
Best Maskandi Album: Amageza Amahle – Isisu Somkhwenyana
Best Traditional music radio program: Umhlobo Wenene – Lavutha Ibhayi
Best Song of the year: Ezika-bhaka – Thayi Lemoto
Best Traditional DJ: Umhlobo wenene – Saba Mbixane
Best Radio Station: Umhlobo wenene
Most Downloaded Song: Ezika-bhaka – Thayi Lemoto

Judging by the comments of fans on social media, it seems like interest in SATMA Awards somewhat dropped in KZN since the awards were moved to the Eastern Cape. Last year, it was reported that they will be hosted in KZN in 2015.

Songs in praise of the New SA by Ichwane LeBhaca

ICHWANE LEBHACA - OHULUMENIAS BIZARRE as this will sound, one of the most interesting things that this writer finds on Isibaya is the theme song. It is a gentle maskandi tune full of skilfully played guitar tunes over a hoarse Zulu voice.

This love for a theme song just goes to show just how little of the genre makes it to commercial radio. The closest we get to maskandi, apart from Isibaya, is probably through Johnny Clegg or Zuluboy. Yet there are seasoned musicians like Ichwane LeBhaca, who is now celebrating the release of his fourth album, Uhulumeni.

“I am thanking the govern-ment for the good work that it has done. Before we had a black government there were several things that black people were missing in their lives.

“We now have roads, hospitals and running water. All these things we never thought that we would have in the past,” said LeBhaca.

“I am trying to thank the government, the councillors and the mayor, who all work hard to make sure that our needs are met,” he added.

LeBhaca, however, neglected to look at the fact that there are several people, his fans included, who felt otherwise about the government. Several complaints have been been made about the lack of service delivery and so perhaps Uhulumeni is about two decades late. It is the kind of album that probably should have come out around the time that Nelson Mandela was being sworn in as president.

Yet LeBhaca defended his thinking: “We as artists have the role to talk about things that matter to us. We talk about all the good and the bad. It is our duty to do so. We have issues like e-tolls or housing challenges… but we can’t also neglect the reality of the freedoms that came with the government fighting for us. If the issue of e-tolls is still a problem, say two years from now, then we need to talk about it,” he said.

“On this album, for example, I have a song called Apartheid where I am basically saying that apartheid is still very much in place. A black person is still struggling. Derogatory terms like ‘boy’ are still being used for black people. You find an older black woman being called ‘girlie’ by a young white person. We need to talk about these things,” he said.

The creative process for Uhulumeni was intense: “It took me three or four months to finish just a single, so I keep track of time on how long the entire project took me to complete.

“I was doing this to hopefully impress my fans,” he said.

Source: (By Munya Vomo)

• Uhulumeni is available at music stores nationwide.

Phuzekhemisi & Ladysmith Black Mambazo share SAMA Lifetime achievement award

Phuzekhemisi – SAMA Awards 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards)

Phuzekhemisi – SAMA Awards 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards)

Maskandi maestro Zibokwakhe Mnyandu, aka Phuzekhemisi, could not believe it when he was honoured at this year’s South African Music Awards (SAMA) together with Ladysmith Black Mambazo for the 

“I thought the industry had long forgotten about me,” he says.

“When I started making music I never thought I would be in this industry for so long. I am very grateful to those who still recognise my music today.”

Phuzekhemisi literally means “to drink medicine from the chemist,” a nickname that he got while he was doing small jobs in the Johannesburg CBD.

“At times when my boss couldn’t find me, my fellow workers would say I’ve gone to buy medicine at the chemist. Since my peers already knew that name, I decided to make it my stage name,” Mnyandu says.

It’s almost impossible to imagine the South African music landscape without the popular sounds of Phuzekhemisi. The distinct sounds of his bass guitar intersecting with his strong vocals, a concertina and five backing singers all create the authentically African sound of maskandi. The genre has its roots in the labour migration system during apartheid and developed as a form of cultural expression for mine workers.

But what has always set Mnyandu apart is the strong social messages in his music. He started singing about the social ills that affect his fellow villagers in Umkhomazi, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

Singing about politics and the plight of the poor more than 20 years ago landed Mnyandu in a lot of trouble. His outspoken opinions in his first album, Imbizo saw him banned by the apartheid government’s South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), and his life was threatened by supporters of the African National Congress and the Inkatha Freedom Pary (IFP).

Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Star and the wiseman – best of Ladysmith Black Mambazo (SAMA 20Lifetime Achievement Awards)

Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Star and the wiseman – best of Ladysmith Black Mambazo (SAMA 20Lifetime Achievement Awards)

“This was the only time I ever felt like quitting music,” Mnyandu says.

“But the love and appreciation I get from people has always encouraged me to continue being the people’s voice in music.”

In Imbizo, which Mnyandu released with his brother Khetani, the duo questioned the frequency that chiefs called meetings where villagers were forced to pay tax. That sentiment meant trouble with the village chiefs of KZN. In 1993, the duo released Emaphalamende, which features the popular track Udlayedwa, which also didn’t sit well with chiefs and hostel leaders, resulting in the brothers being banned from the hostels.

Soon after the release of this second album, Khethani died in a car accident.

“Losing my brother was very difficult for me,” Mnyandu says.

“But I found comfort in music. I always feel closest to him when I’m performing our music.”

A few years after losing Khethani, Mnyandu embarked on a journey that would introduce maskandi to a global audience. Since 1997, he has made countless trips to countries such as France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and Finland. In 2002, he was one of the African acts invited to perform at the closing ceremony for the Soccer World Cup in Japan.

In a bold step for a traditionalist, Phuzekhemisi agreed to a collaboration with house music producer DJ Cleo , releasing a track titled Mbizo Rocker towards the end of last year.

“I enjoyed working with Cleo. As a musician you must be willing to introduce new elements to your music,” he says.

Mnyandu has also worked with kwaito star Mdu Masilela and Thandiswa Mazwai and is going to be making more music with DJ Cleo in the future.

“We’re planning on spending an entire month making new music together,” he says.

When asked about retirement plans, he laughs and says, “Not anytime soon.”


SATMA AWARDS 2013 Winners – Results

The 8th South African Traditional Music Achievement (SATMA) Awards were presented on Friday 4 and Saturday, 5 October 2013 at the Buffalo Park Cricket Stadium in East London. Saba Mbixane of Umhlobo Wenene FM did what he did last year. He has made beating Ukhozi FM’s Utalagu a habit. He beat them again this year for the third time in a row. He won the Best Traditional DJ award and his show (Lavutha Ibhayi) took the award for the Best Traditional music radio program. Popular Maskandi artist Mtshengiseni Gcwensa won the Best Male award. Viva Ngendidane, a song by Amageza Amahle, won the Best Song of the year award.

Below is a Full list of Winners Published on the SATMA Awards Facebook Page on Sunday

Best MaskandiOsaziwayo
Best Isicathamiya – General Singers
Best Mbaqanga- Phansi Phezulu
Best Song of the year – Viva Ngedidane – Amageza Amahle
Best Traditional and Cultural News Journalist (Print Media) – Mdu Mvubu
Best Traditional and Cultural News Journalist (Electronic Media) –
Zimkhitha Macingwane (SABC News)
Best Video – Khurumetsa Diretlo
Best Male – Mtshengiseni
Best Female – Izintombi Zika Mjaphani
Best TshiVenda – Sikheli Junior
Best IsiNdebele – Saaiplas Boys
Best SeTswana – Dialogane Cultural Group
Best Traditional San Album – Kazumba Shenoya
Best Indian – Flash Interntainers
Best IsiXhosa – Gobolempendulu
Best Sesotho – Sabatha no.3
Best Sepedi – Salphina Kadiaka
Best Xitsonga – Msindhu Wapheni no.6
Best Boeremusiek – Jaco Van Deventer
Best Community Radio DJ – Matsidiso Masekwa – Modiri FM
Best Praise Singer – Botlale Boikanya
Best Indigenous comedian – Nomakhisimusi
Best Traditional DJ – Saba Mbixane – Umhlobo Wenene FM
Best Newcomer artist – Mlethwa Majola
Best Traditional Dance group – Tswelelang Youth Cast
Best Traditional music radio program – Lavutha Ibhayi – Umhlobo Wenene FM
Best Afro Soul – Afro Soul
Best Vernecular Hip Hop – MC Tshatha & Moja Pooh
Best Traditional Arts and Culture Department – Mpumalanga Province
Best African Jazz – Thabo Segonyane
Best Reggae – Hill House Crew
Best Poet – Prince Gumede
Best Cultural Talk Show – Ithungelwa Ebandla – Ikwekwezi FM
Best IsiSwati – Make Shelangubo

2013 MTN SAMA 19 Winners – South African Music Awards

Millions of viewers tuned into SABC 1 and witnessed the glitz, glam and the pizazz at the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards as Toya Delazy and Khuli Chana dominated the evening taking home 3 awards each at the Sun City Superbowl on Saturday, 11 May 2013.

Ichwane Le Bhaca - Inkunzi Yomthakathi - Winner of the 2013 MTN SAMA 19 Awards Best Maskandi Album

Ichwane Le Bhaca – Inkunzi Yomthakathi – Winner of the 2013 MTN SAMA 19 Awards Best Maskandi Album

The full list of categories and winners for the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards are:

  • Lifetime Achievement Awards

Johannes Kerkorrel (posthumously)

Sizwe Zako

Dr Thomas Chauke

  • Album of the Year

Khuli Chana – Lost in Time

  • MTN Record of the Year 

Sfiso Ncwane –  Kulungile Baba

  • Duo or Group of the Year

Freshlyground – Take Me to the Dance

  • Female Artist of the Year

    Kelly Khumalo – The Past, The Present, The Future (SAMA Award 2013 Female Artist of the Year)

    Kelly Khumalo – The Past, The Present, The Future (SAMA Award 2013 Female Artist of the Year)

Kelly Khumalo – The Past, The Present, The Future

  • Male Artist of the Year

Khuli Chana – Lost in Time

  • Newcomer of the Year

Toya Delazy – Due Drop Deluxe

  • Best Rock Album

Zebra & Giraffe – The Wisest Ones

  • Best Pop Album 

Toya Delazy – Due Drop Deluxe

  • Best Adult Contemporary Album

Elvis Blue – Journey

  • Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album

    Khaya Mthethwa - For You (Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album)

    Khaya Mthethwa – For You (Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album – South African Music Awards 2013)

Theuns Jordaan – Roeper

  • Best African Adult Album 

Maleh – Step Child

  • Best Alternative Album

iScream & The Chocolate Stix – The Paradox

  • Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album

Khaya – For You

  • Best Rap Album 

Khuli Chana – Lost in Time

  • Best Kwaito Album 

Professor – The Orientation

  • Best Dance Album

    Professor - The Orientation (Best Kwaito Album - South African Awards 2013)

    Professor – The Orientation (Best Kwaito Album – South African Music Awards 2013)

Black Coffee – Africa Rising

  • Best Traditional Faith Music Album

Various – Spirit of Praise Vol.4

  • Best Contemporary Faith Music Album 

Ntokozo Mbambo – Filled

  • Best Traditional Album

Soul Brothers – Isiphithiphithi

  • Best Maskandi Album

Ichwane Lebhaca – Inkunzi Yomthakathi

  • Best Jazz Album

Herbie Tsoaeli – African Time

  • Best Classic & Instrumental Album

CH2 – CH2 Guitar Duo Live with the University of Pretoria Symphony  Orchestra

  • Best Live DVD

    Herbie Tsoaeli - African Time (Best Jazz Album - South African Music Awards 2013)

    Herbie Tsoaeli – African Time (Best Jazz Album – South African Music Awards 2013)

The Captured Tour Concert Film – Lira

  • Best Collaboration

Riot Feat. Zahara – Thetha Nami

  • Best Music Video of the Year 

Claudio Pavan for Honey Spiders by The Parlotones

  • Best Producer

Jax Panik for Due Drop Deluxe by Toya Delazy

  • Best Engineer

Mark Beling for Strong by BlackByrd

  • Remix of the Year

DJ Kent for Thinking about You Ft. Zonke  DJ Kent Remix (Theo Kgosinkwe)

  • Best Selling DVD
Heavenly Sent - Mi Casa (SAMPRA AWARD - South African Music Awards 2013)

Heavenly Sent – Mi Casa (SAMPRA AWARD – South African Music Awards 2013)

Vol. 16 Live at Carnival City – Joyous Celebration

  • Best Selling Album

Roeper – Theuns Jordaan

  • Best Selling Tru-Tone

Follow Me – DJ Cleo ft. Teddy Bears

  • Best Selling Ring-Back-Tone

Loliwe – Zahara

  • Best Selling Full-Track Download

You’re The Voice Shout/J23 – Artists for a safer South Africa


Heavenly Sent – Mi Casa

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 South African Music Awards and all the musicians in South Africa for such wonderful music this country has. Keep it up…..




‘Impersonator (Gcabashe) was after the money’

Impersonator (Gcabashe) was after the money

Sibusiso Lazarus Gcabashe in the dock of the Pietermaritzburg Regional Court, ahead of his appearance, is accused of masquerading as the late maskandi artist Khulekani Mgqumeni Khumalo. Picture: Sherlissa Peters

Durban – The widow of the late maskandi artist Khulekani “Mgqumeni” Khumalo on Tuesday testified against the man accused of masquerading as her husband, saying he was after the musician’s money.

Sibusiso “Lazarus” Gcabashe, who claimed last year that he had risen from the dead, is on trial in the Pietermaritzburg Regional Court on charges of fraud, kidnapping, assault, rape, theft and attempting to escape from custody.

He was declared mentally fit to stand trial after psychological evaluation by the State and has pleaded not guilty to all charges, saying he knew nothing about the allegations against him.

Taking the stand on Tuesday, Nozipho Xulu said she was the second wife of Khumalo and had an 11-year old son with the award-winning singer.

She said Khumalo had fallen ill in 2008, died on December 19, 2009, and was buried in Nqutu nine days later.

“Then I saw on the news in February last year that my husband had risen from the dead and was living with the Khumalo family,” Xulu said.

She said she immediately went to the Khumalo homestead to inquire about this person who was allegedly her dead husband. That, Xulu said, was the first time she had met Gcabashe.

“I knew that this was not my husband. “He did not have any of the identifying features of Mgqumeni,” she said. Xulu said her husband had peculiar feet and had several scars on his body, but Gcabashe had none of these.

“He told me that he will not force me to believe that he is my husband, but he said that in time I would accept him,” said Xulu.

She said that when she asked Gcabashe where he had been since Mgqumeni died in 2009, he told her he had been living in a cave with animals who instructed him to buy cotton to sew his tongue so that he could not speak.

“I believe he (Gcabashe) is doing this because he wants to claim my husband’s money,” said Xulu. She said it had been difficult for her family.

“When a person dies, we need to forget the pain and move on. Because of Gcabashe, the pain started all over again.”

Gcabashe, who is from Magqongqo, was arrested last year after he claimed to be Khumalo, causing a sensation in the Nqutu Magistrate’s Court where he first appeared after being arrested for fraud last year.

On Tuesday, dressed in a bright sweater and sporting dreadlocks, like Khumalo, Gcabashe appeared upbeat as he greeted people seated in the packed court gallery.

In November 2011, he allegedly kidnapped, assaulted and raped a teenager at Ixopo.

He is also alleged to have stolen three cellphones and attempted to escape from police custody at the Nqutu Magistrate’s Court he trial was to continue on Wednesday.

Daily News  –


2013 MTN SAMA 19 nominees – South African Music Awards

The nominations announcement for the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards (MTN SAMA 19) was made at The Turbine Hall in Newtown on Wednesday, 20 March 2013.

Newcomers dominated the announcement with Toya Delazy’s Due Drop Deluxe receiving six nominations; Newcomer of the Year, Best Pop Album, Record of the Year, Best Producer with Jax Panik and twice for Remix of the Year, one each with Pascal & Pearce and ClassyMenace.

Hot on her heels is another newcomer, ChianoSky with five nominations from her debut album, Hungry, including Record of the Year and Best Producer with Crighton Goodwill.

The chasing pack contains The Muffinz, DJ Vetkuk vs. Mahoota alongside BlackByrd with four nominations each.

In the Album of the Year category industry heavyweights Kelly Khumalo, Khuli Chana, Maleh, Ntokozo Mbambo and The Muffinz go head-to-head in what is sure to be one of the highlights of the night.

The Duo or Group of the Year category will be a fiercely contested affair as DJ Vetkoek vs. Mahoota, BlackByrd, Desmond & The Tutus, The Muffinz and Freshlyground vie for the much coveted statuette.

Female Artist of the Year sees a strong field of nominees, namely ChianoSky, Kelly Khumalo, Lulu Dikana, Maleh and Ntokozo Mbambo.

Male Artist of the Year will be another epic battle on the night as the likes of Arno Carstens, Elvis Blue, Khuli Chana, Proverb and Reason vie for top honours.

The hotly contested Newcomer of the Year category is one to watch out for as Toya Delazy, The Muffinz, Tailor, Bongeziwe Mabandla and Khaya go head-to-head in the battle of the new breed of music icons.

Star-studded MTN SAMA 19 panel

Speaking after the launch about the 10th year celebration as headline sponsors of the 19th Annual MTN SAMA, Serame Taukobong, chief marketing officer at MTN SA said: “MTN SAMAs are the epitome of the South African music industry calendar. Ten years later, through this sponsorship, we remain committed to supporting the development and growth of our music industry, which continues to flourish both locally and on the international arena thanks to the hard work done by the musicians, bands, producers, managers and technicians. Congratulations to all nominees and we look forward to seeing you at the main event.”

The nominee announcements, which were streamed live on Facebook and mobile, were made by a star-studded MTN SAMA 19 panel which consisted of previous SAMA award-winning artists Vusi Mahlasela, Ray Phiri, AKA, Mafikizolo, DJ Sbu and Zonke. MTN SAMA CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi, chief marketing officer MTN SA Serame Taukobong and acting general manager of SABC 1 Sam Mpherwane joined them.

“We have some of the most exciting categories in years and this tells me that the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards at the Sun City Superbowl are sure to leave an indelible mark on the face of South African music and we cannot wait for 10-11 May 2013,” said MTN SAMA CEO, Nhlanhla Sibisi.

The celebrations begin in earnest tonight at the official Nominee Party with featured live performances from the ever popular MiCasa, Zonke, Lloyd Cele and Durban-based crowd favourites, Big Nuz. The party will be streamed live to mobile and Facebook.

The full list of categories and nominees for the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards

Best Traditional Music Album

  1. George Maluleke – Magolongwani
  2. Shabalala Rhythm – Please Call Me
  3. Soul Brothers – Isiphithiphithi
  4. Dr. Thomas Chauke – Shimatsatsa No.31
  5. Zozo & Sangere Superbeat- Mabindu Vol 14

Best Classical and Instrumental Album

  1. Maria Du Toit & Nina Schumann – Luminous Shade
  2. CH2 – CH2 Guitar Duo Live with the UP Symphony Orchestra
  3. Derek Gripper – One Night On Earth
  4. Guy B***ery – To Disappear In Place
  5. Nibs van der Spuy & Guy B***ery – In The Shade of the Wild Fig

Best Jazz Album

  1. Herbie Tsoaeli – African Time
  2. Kyle Shepherd  – South African History IX
  3. Lindiwe Maxolo – Time
  4. Steve Dyer – Ubuntu Music
  5. Tutu Puoane – Breathe

Best Adult Contemporary Album

  1. BlackByrd – Strong
  2. Elvis Blue – Journey
  3. Freshlyground – Take Me to the Dance
  4. Lira – The Captured Tour Concert Film
  5. Nianell – My Heart

Best African Adult Album

  1. Bongeziwe Mabandla – Umlilo
  2. Camagwini – Re-Birth
  3. Kelly Khumalo – The Past, The Present, The Future
  4. Maleh- Step Child
  5. Nomfusi – Take Me Home

Best Contemporary Faith Music Album

  1. Jonathan Butler – Grace and Mercy
  2. Retief Burger, Helmut Meijer, Neil Büchner, Louis Britz – In Verwondering
  3. Loyiso – Love Complete
  4. Ntokozo Mbambo – Filled
  5. Retief Burger – Luidkeels Dieper

Best Traditional Faith Music Album

  1. Hlengiwe Mhlaba – Abba Baba
  2. Rebecca – Live in Concert
  3. Thulile Mbili – My Home-Heaven
  4. Spirit Of Praise Vol.4
  5. Winnie Mashaba – Bophelo Ke Leeto

Best Rock Album

  1. Arno Carstens – Atari Gala
  2. Desmond & The Tutus – MNUSIC
  3. Prime Circle – Evidence
  4. The Plastics – Pyramid
  5. Zebra & Giraffe – The Wisest Ones

Best Alternative Album

  1. Bittereinder – Die Dinkdansmasjien
  2. Fetish – Little Heart
  3. iScream & The Chocolate Stix – The Paradox
  4. Tailor – The Dark Horse
  5. Yoav – Blood Vine

Best Pop Album

  1. ChianoSky – Hungry
  2. Kurt Darren – In Jou Oë
  3. Lloyd Cele – No Limits
  4. Snotkop – Oppas
  5. Toya Delazy – Due Drop Deluxe

Best Dance Album

  1. Black Coffee – Africa Rising
  2. DJ Pepsi – Royal House Collection Vol. 2
  3. DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota – Dinaledi
  4. Oskido – I Believe
  5. Pascal & Pearce – Passport 2.0

Best Rap Album

  1. Khuli Chana- Lost in Time
  2. Last Days Fam – Eternal Effect
  3. PRO – Continua
  4. ProVerb – Fourthwrite
  5. Reason – Audio3D

Best R&B/ Soul/ Reggae Album

  1. Kabomo – Memory Remains
  2. Khaya – For You
  3. Lulu Dikana – This is the Life
  4. The Muffinz – Have you Heard?
  5. Zaki Ibrahim – Every Opposite

Best Maskandi Album

  1. Ichwane Lebhaca – Inkunzi Yomthakathi
  2. Imithente – Vuka Mathambo
  3. Ntombethongo – Thokozile
  4. Phuzekhemisi – Bayede Zulu
  5. Zero Khumalo – O Sugar Daddy

Beste KontemporÊre Musiek Album

  1. Bobby van Jaarsveld – Wat Geld Nie Kan Koop Nie
  2. Jay & Liane – Bonnie En Clyde
  3. Juanita du Plessis – Jy Voltooi My
  4. Romanz – Hou Vas
  5. Theuns Jordaan – Roeper

Best Kwaito Album

  1. Bhar – Morning Bang
  2. Kabelo – Immortal Vol. 2
  3. L’Vovo Derrango – The Headmaster
  4. Professor – The Orientation
  5. Teddybears – Teddybears

Best Collaboration

  1. Lloyd Cele Feat. Fresh, Euphonik, & Slikour – Louder!
  2. Riot Feat. Zahara – Thetha Nami
  3. Shabalala Rhythm Feat. Oliver Mtukudzi and DJ Tira – Please Call Me
  4. V. Underground Feat. Mishka – Gelo Wandi
  5. Zahara Feat. Leroy Bell & Soweto Gospel Choir – Hold On (Bambelela)

Best Live DVD

  1. Black Coffee – Africa Rising
  2. Lira – The Captured Tour Concert Film
  3. The Parlotones – Dragonflies and Astronauts
  4. Huisgenoot Skouspel – Huisgenoot Skouspel 2012
  5. Zahara- THe Beginning LIVE

Best Music Video of the Year

  1. Benza – Jealousy by AKA
  2. Salomon Ligthelm – Hello Sweet World by Gangs Of Ballet
  3. Warwick Allan – Evidence by Prime Circle
  4. Jolyon Ellis – Attack Of The Hadedas by Spoonfeedas
  5. Claudio Pavan – Honey Spiders by The Parlotones

Best Producer

  1. Mike Beling – Strong by Blackbyrd
  2. Crighton Goodwill – Hungry by ChianoSky
  3. Theo Crous – Evidence by Prime Circle
  4. Theo Crous – Journey Through The Shadows by The Parlostones
  5. Jax Panik – Due Drop Deluxe by Toya Delazy

Best Engineer

  1. Christopher Tuck – Lucid Alive And Dreaming by Macstanley
  2. Mark Beling – Strong by Blackbyrd
  3. Crighton Goodwill – Hungry by ChianoSky
  4. Jake Odendaal – Night of Light Die Beste Van Joe Nieman by ChianoSky
  5. Marius Marais – Huisgenoot Skouspel 2012

Remix of the Year

  1. Zynne Sibika – Istokvel by DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota
  2. Chris Sen – 2012 Change The World by RJ Benjamin
  3. DJ Kent – Thinking About You Ft. Zonke – DJ Kent Remix by Theo Kgosinkwe
  4. Pascal & Pearce – Heart – Pascal & Pearce Remix by Toya Delazy
  5. ClassyMenace – Pump It On – ClassyMenace Remix by Toya Delazy

Album of the Year

  1. Kelly Khumalo – The Past, The Present, The Future
  2. Khuli Chana – Lost In Time
  3. Maleh – Step Child
  4. Ntokozo Mbambo – Filled
  5. The Muffinz – Have you Heard?

Duo or Group of the Year

  1. Blackbyrd – Strong
  2. Desmond & The Tutus – MNUSIC
  3. DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota – Dinaledi
  4. Freshlyground – Take Me to the Dance
  5. The Muffinz – Have you Heard?

Female Artist of the Year

  1. ChianoSky- Strong
  2. Kelly Khumalo – The Past, The Present, The Future
  3. Lulu Dikana – This is the Life
  4. Maleh – Step Child
  5. Ntokozo Mbambo – Filled

Male Artist of the Year

  1. Arno Carstens – Atari Gala
  2. Elvis Blue – Journey
  3. Khuli Chana – Lost In Time
  4. ProVerb – Fourthwrite
  5. Reason – Audio3D

Newcomer of the Year

  1. Bongeziwe Mabandla – Umlilo
  2. Khaya – For You
  3. Tailor – The Dark Horse
  4. The Muffinz – Have you Heard?
  5. Toya Delazy – Due Drop Deluxe

MTN SAMA Record of the Year

Fans can SMS up to a maximum of 10 times per mobile number, each vote counts and could make the crucial difference in who walks away with the MTN SAMA! Voting details to be announced at a later stage.

Tracks Artist
Wa Muhle B.O.P
Father To Be Black Motion
Walking Away ChianoSky
Stokvel DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota
I Deserve Donald
Lifeline Elvis Blue
Bosso HHP
Colour of You Kabomo
Move Khaya
Still Liquideep
Hero Lloyd Cele
Heavenly Sent MiCasa
Tsa Mandebele Oskido
Thetha Nami Riot
Kulungile Baba Sfiso Ncwane
Wake Up Teargas
Love Is In The Air Toya Delazy
Umthwalo Zahara
Feelings Zonke

Utalagu Maskandi Festival

Utalagu Maskandi Festival – “Maskandi is who we are, yithi laba”Sigiya ngeNgoma - Ngizwe Mchunu, uTalagu Music Festival Sigiya ngeNgoma - Ngizwe Mchunu, Khathide Tshatugodo Ngobe - uTalagu Music Festival

Izinsizwa zoTalagu ezishayela uhlelo ‘Sigiya ngeNgoma’ oKhozini FM
uNgizwe Mchunu noKhathide “Tshatha” Ngobe, bahlela indumezulu yomcimbi
ezohlanganisa bonke oMaskandi. UTalagu Maskandi Festival ihlelwe ukuba
ngo-April 13, 2013 eKing Zwelithini Stadium eMlazi, kusukela ngo9:00
ekuseni, iphele ngo8:00 kusihlwa.  Phakathi kwabaculi abazobe
beboshelwe kubalwa oShwi noMntekhala, Phuzekhemisi, Mfiliseni
Magubane, Ichwane leBhaca, Abafana bakaDladla, Abafana bakaMgqumeni,
Abafana baseMawosi, Thokozani Langa, Izintombi zikaMjaphani, AmaMbeje
Amahle, Khuzani, Imithente, Izingane zoMa, Dlubheke, Ali Mgube,
Zanefa, Madlanduna, iMfezi eMnyama, uBoneni, Mbuzeni, Bonakele,
Osaziwayo, uMjikijelwa,  nabanye.

“Sikhathele ongqeqe bamaqili abafika bazonyonka ngoba bebona ukuthi
kubanjwe isibhuklabhukla sethendele, bebe bengasazi nokuthi sivunule
ngazinsiba zini inqobo nje makwehla ngomphimbo,” kuchaza uNgizwe.
Bachaze nokuthi uKhozi FM neSABC yonkana babambe iqhaza elikhulu
ekutheni lomculo ube nodumo kangaka iNingizimu Afrika yonke. Inhloso
yabo ke wukuqhubeka lapho, bakhulise abaculi bakaMaskandi ukuze
bangaxhashazwa, kodwa bahlonipheke endimeni yezomculo yonkana.
Bathi kunegebe elikhulu phakathi kwalaba baculi nabaculi be-jazz, hip
hop, rhythm and blues neminye. “Lokhu kwenziwa kokunye wukungazethembi
nokungazihlophi kwabo abaculi balo mculo wethu,” kuqhubeka uNgizwe.
Bathi kubaluleile ukuthi abaculi bakaMaskandi bakhule ebucikweni babo
bokudlala ngolimi, emculweni kaMaskandi nokuthi bahlonipheke ukuze
babe nesithunzi bakhokheleke ngendlela ebafanele.
Baningi abahleli bemicimbi abaqasha abaculi bakaMaskandi kodwa
bangabakhokheli imali elingana neyabaculi bezinye izinhlobo zomculo.
UNgizwe uthe: “Izizathu zalokhu ziningi kodwa esikhulu kunezinye
wukubukeleka phansi kwabaculi bethu.”  Uthi kokunye abanye bagcina
bengakhokhelwanga ngoba abawazi amalungelo abo nanokuthi kusuke
kungasayinwe sivumelwano. Uthi kuwumsebenzi wabo benoKhathide
ukubakhulisa babadayise ngendlela ezoheha imisebenzi ezobathuthukisa
hhayi  ebabuyisela emuva. “Yingakho nje kulekhonsathi bazobe becula
bukhoma (live) ukukhombisa izinga eliphezulu lomculo okulona,” kusho
uNgizwe. Isikhathi esiningi laba baculi abaculi bukhoma okwenza
bakhokheleke kancane futhi bangaculi ngokusezingeni eliphezulu.
Utalagu selubuya naphesheya kwezilwandle ngenxa yeqhaza abalidlalayo
ekuzigqajeni ngoMaskandi. “Sifuna kona ke ukusebenzisa amathuba
anjengalawa ukukhulisa abaculi bakithi, sibathathe bayogiya le
phesheya kwezilwandle,” kusho uKhathide. Benze isibonelo nangendlela
abagqoka ngayo bethi kubalulekile ukuzinaka ugqoke kahle ubukeke ukuze
abantu bakuthembe. “ Nawe uyazibonela nje amaqhathanzipho ezinsizwa
zoTalagu angahlalwa luthuli. Siyimiphuphe impela kodwa esezintweni.
Uma ufuna ukusazi wobuza u-Obama,” kuncokola uNgizwe.
Amathikithi azotholakala eComputicket kusukela ngolwesiHlanu (March
15). Aqala ku R70, uR100 emnyango bese kuba wuR250 iVIP. Smsa uthi
“Utalagu” ku 32238 uzibeke ethubeni lokuwina imoto yohlobo
oluphambili. Nabathenga amathikithi basethubeni lokuwina!

“Maskandi is who we are, yithi laba”

Ngemininingwane thintana noPhindile Zulu ; 083 722 7317 noma Ngizwe
Mchunu 082 598 3490.


Isilomo soKhozi FM siphawula ngomshado – uKhathide Tshatha Ngobe

UTSHATHUGODO Khathide Ngobe - Umsakazi womculo ka Maskandi kuKhozi fm

UTSHATHUGODO uthi ayikho indaba yokuthi usekipite eflethini nesipatsha esibomvu kodwa ubuyele kubo eLindelani, eNyakatho yeTheku. Isithombe:SANDILE MAKHOBA

UMSAKAZI odumile woKhozi FM wohlelo lomculo kaMaskandi uTalagu uKhathide Tshatha Ngobe usephawule okokuqala ngezinkinga ezigubezele umshado wakhe.

Izolo lo msakazi utshele Isolezwe ukuthi kumphatha kabi ukufunda izindaba zomshado wakhe emaphephandabeni. Uthe unabo ubufakazi bokuthi umkakhe ubemgangela waze wakhulelwa.

Udaba loqhekeko emshadweni kaTshatha luqale ukuphuma ngeSonto eledlule kwiSolezwe ngeSontokanti izolo kuvele ukuthi unkosikazi usolwa ngokuba neshende eligcine limkhulelisile wakhipha isisu.

UTshatha izolo uthe unobufakazi bokuthi umkakhe wasikhipha isisu.

UNkk Nontobeko Ngobe uMaKhuzwayo, uthe njengoba uTshatha ethi unobufakazi bokuthi wakhipha isisu futhi uneshende ngeke aphawule lutho kodwa makabukhiphe lobo bufakazi. Uqede lapho wavalelisa ocingweni. Ngesikhathi evakashelwe yiphephandaba kubo eLindelani, uTshatha ukuphikile ukuthi usehlala efulethini nentombi esho ukuthi usebuyele kubo.

UNkk Nontobeko Ngobe umaKhuzwayo

UNkk Nontobeko Ngobe umaKhuzwayo oshade nomsakazi woKhozi uTshatha uthi umyeni wakhe kumele akhiphe ubufakazi bokuthi ubeganga futhi uze wakhuleliswa yishende. Isithombe: Facebook

Ebuzwa ukuthi ngabe yini emsuse lapho bebehlala khona nomkakhe eMorningside Village, eThekwini, uthe ngeke aphawule ngalolu daba ngoba uselubeke ezandleni zomndeni wakhe.

“Kuyangimangaza ukuthi ngifunde iphephandaba elithi bengihamba nezintombi emcimbini ngibe ngangihamba nozakwethu engisebenza nabo. Umkhwekazi ukhuluma izinto ebezikhulunywe ngumthombo ngeSonto elidlule manje kuyangicacela ukuthi nguye umthombo. Angikhumbuli nakancane engikhuza,” kusho uTshatha.

Uthe hleze umkhwekazi udidwa yizintombi lezi asebenza nazo oSthandwa Nzuza, o-Zim Dollar noNongcebo McKenzie asuke ehamba nabo.

“Angithandi ukukhuluma ngezindaba zomshado wami emaphephandabeni. Lolu daba seluphethwe wumndeni wami, mina ngeke ngisho lutho yize lungiphatha kabi. Engingakusho njengamanje wukuthi uJehova owazi konke ngami,” kusho uTshatha.

Ngesikhathi uTshatha ekhuluma nezintatheli omakhelwane bakhe bebedlula bembingelela abanye bemcela ukuthi abahlekele uhleko lwakhe lwasemsakazweni.

UKhathide Tshatha Ngobe ushade noMaKhuzwayo ngo-2011 eBandla Hotel and Conference Centre, eBallito, kanti kwakutoyitoya izintombi nto ngaphandle kwehhotela ngelanga lo mshado.

source: Isolezwe

7th Annual SATMA awards held on the 27th October 2012 in East London, Eastern Cape – Winners

The Satma awards are an annual traditional music ceremony whose mission is to bring together various African ethnic and racial groups through the celebration of South Africa’s diverse musical heritage as a way to combat tribalism and all the other divisive elements in society.

It aims to unearth and develop trational musicians by providing them with a platform that recognises, honours, awards and showcases their God given talents.

Here are all the winners of the 2012 South African Traditional Music Awards

Best Maskandi: Ithwasa Langempela

Best Isicathamiya Album: Junior Mambazo

Best Mbaqanga Album: Mdabu Ngqulunga

Best Song of the year: Amagez’ Amahle

Best Traditional and Cultural News Journalist (Print Media): Charles Khuzwayo 

Best Traditional and Cultural News Journalist (Electronic Media): Sphamandla Goge

Best Video: Kheola Bana Ba Lepoqo

Best Male: Thokozani Langa

Best Female: Uboneni

Best TshiVenda: David Mbi

Best IsiNdebele: Saaiplaas Boys

Best SeTswana: Poko Ya Pina

Best Xitsonga: Dr. Thomas Chauke na Shinyori Sisters

Best Indian: Kevin Akaloo

Best IsiXhosa: Ntombethongo

Best Sesotho: Poka Moloi

Best Sepedi: Majoy

Best Boeremusiek: Klipwerf Orkes

Best Community Radio  DJ: Mzothule Shembe

Best Praise Singer: Sbo Da Poet

Best Indigenous comedian: Sifiso Nene

Best Traditional DJ: Saba Mbixane

Best Newcomer artist: Tonardo

Best Traditional Dance group: Ngwao Ya Tshona

Best Traditional music radio program: Lavutha Ibhayi

Best Afro Soul: The soil 

Best Vernecular Hip Hop: Mohlolo

Best Traditional Arts and Culture Department: Northwest Province

Best African Jazz: Quincy K

Best Reggae: Nathi B