Maskandi group Abaka Mnyandu are the latest musicians to follow in the footsteps of their famous fathers, brothers Khethani and Phuzekhemisi Mnyandu.

Abaka Mnyandu is made up of Thulasizwe, Xolisani and Mabandla, who made no secret of their desire to carry on with the Mnyandu name.

Khethani died in 1989 in a horrific car accident just after releasing their hit song Imbizo while Phuzekhemisi is one of maskandi’s best selling artists in the country.

The budding maskandi singers have just released their debut album Bayekeleni . With this album the trio hope to achieve fame and fortune like their famous fathers, Khethani and Phuzekhemisi.

The music was composed by the group’s leader Thulasizwe and produced by Phuzekhemisi.

Thulasizwe said the music speaks to the youth about the dangers of drinking and involvement in criminal activities.

“Our music speaks to the youth. Most of the songs look at the burning issues of the moment which are alcohol and HIV-Aids,” Thulasizwe said.

He said the trio realised that alcohol abuse had serious consequences. Thulasizwe was quick to add that though Bayekeleni was produced by Phuzekhemisi, the maskandi style was different.

“We play a maskandi style called isikhomazi because of certain instruments we have added. To put the album together, we collaborated with Thuthukani Cele, Sbu Mnduna, Ndukwendala Chiliza and Msizeni Mkhize,” he said.