‘Amaponi’, the band formed by the children of Bheki and Linah are doing well too in South Africa.

From the age of 5, Nkosinathi, the oldest of the four, has been dancing with his father’s band. When Nkosinathi’s younger brother, Jabu was 8 years old, he too joined his father’s band.

Ihashe’s latest album “Phal-aphala” features a track “Amasiko” by his two sons. This year Nkosinathi and Jabu decided to form their own band, they invited their two sisters, Ntombi 13 and Vusiwe 9 to join them.

The name Amaponi came so easy, simply the off-spring of Ihashe. Amaponi know that they are so blessed, both their parents are successful musicians, their mother Linah Khama and father Bheki Ngcobo have been in the music industry for as long as they themselves were even born.

“Writing songs for their album was like sharing household chores for Amaponi,” said their mother Linah. “I have been so strict in teaching my children the importance of sticking to our culture and following our African Tradition, hence it was so natural for my children to follow suit in singing traditional music,” said their father Bheki. ‘We would like to bring Amaponi’ with ‘Ihashi’ next time, when we come down to Colombo. I hope we will be in town soon, because Sri Lanka is almost like South Africa in lifestyle, culture and the traditions,” said Linah and Bheki.