Amatshitshi Amhlophe is not just a band but a group of sisters who are determined to carry on with their legacy regardless of the outcomes within the group.

In 1999 the group was joined by Winile Sibiya, a girl from the KZN homelands who back then did not have much musical experience or knowledge, but rather possessed an undeniably infinite passion for music.

Finally, Winile’s dream of joining the acclaimed group had become a reality and so began a great and unexpected journey for the music. Little did she know that one day, she would be left to continue the legacy alone.

Under Mahaukela’s guidance and leadership, also the group’s manager, this amazing female group has been churning out one great maskandi album after another since the release of their debut album.

Tragedy struck in 2002 when Mahaukela sadly passed away. The ladies, however, were determined to pick up where he had left off and continued to claim their stake in the music industry, in his absence. Months later as things were finally shaping up, the group was hit another blow.

One after the other the members passed on, leaving Winile behind to shoulder the load on her own. Determined to continue the legacy, Winile teamed up with Muhle Khuzwayo and Mgqumeni Mseleku in month 2007 and started working on a new album.

Winile has acknowledged that the one thing that has kept her going over the years is her love and passion for music. ”I was so hurt after losing practically all the group members,” she recalls. ”I didn’t want this to die. Fortunately Bula was there to help me continue working on it.”

With more than 10 albums to their name and an impressive track record, the legacy continues and proves that nothing can stand in the way of hard work, passionate and determination. Now, only time will tell whether the name i AmatshitshAmhlophe will remain, or whether Itshitshi Elimhlophe will be more suitable.