On the eve of his latest release Incwadi, Bhekumuzi Luthuli is slowly finding out he is and what he’s capable of and is quite happy to admit to taking his time experimenting. Like all his previous albums, Incwadi examines the social issues and tries to explore the intricacies of romance, while attempting to make sense of them in its unique manner. The growing audiences have been extremely receptive to his growing brand of maskandi.

The suave gentlemen sporting the wet look perm is forever looking good like he’s just stepped out of the glossy pages of the latest magazine. With justification too, because more and more people are recognizing him on the streets and mobbing him whenever possible.

With twelve albums to his credit, Bhekumuzi traces his humble origins to the tin guitar led to adults branding him crazy. He spent every waking moment strumming tunes that kept pouring into his head.