Over the past years, Ikhansela has become a leading force in this traditional music genre, and has never slowed down in his mission to keep it alive and kicking and ‘Ingadla Ngadla’ is part of this vision.

This time around Roland Mhize aka Ikhansela is in full force on a 12-track offering that never ceases to take the energy off the combination of typically Mbaqanga guitar-playing and lyrics that talk about the experience of living in South Africa now.

Songs like the title track engage from the star as do the likes of ‘Udlala Ngami’ and ‘Umuzi Wami.’ And there are plenty of other tracks to keep fans listening to the album for years to come.

Like all offerings from this key South African act and multi-award-winner, there is an element of innovation on the album ensuring that Ikhansela No JBC’s many fans keep returning for more.