Mpatheni Khumalo aka Mfaz’ omnyama was a giant of Maskandi music, a great guitar player and inventive lyricist. When I first heard his music I remember thinking that this is where the soul of Africa resides. This may sound like hyperbole but just listening to his classic single Khula Tshitshi Lami – a quintessential Mfaz’omnyama song – you realize that Mfaz’omnyama played and sang with a rare passion. He really put his guts and his heart into his music. In a musical landscape where everyone looks like they’re acting in front of a mirror, that’s something that stands out.

‘The best of Mfaz’omnyama is one of the few records that I’ve played all the way through, first time, then pushed “play” and listened to all the way through again. The former mine worker was discovered when he entered a competition for Maskandi musicians and was spotted by Bhodloza Nzimande.’

Mfaz’omnyama Albums