Born Zibokwakhe Johnstone Mnyandu on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast at Umkomaas in 1963, Phuzekhemisi, which literally translates as “drink at the chemist” is widely acknowledged as the king of the indigenous music genre known as “maskandi”. Maskandi is a literal translation of the Afrikaans word for musician, namely musikant and one could equate a solo maskandi as the local equivalent of the European “wandering minstrel”

Phuzekhemisi could, I suppose, be described as a neo-traditionalist. Despite his albums having sold in the hundreds of thousands of units he remains true to his rural roots, still choosing to live in his traditional Zulu kraal in the rolling hills around Umkomaas. Being a very humble man, whose upbringing revolved around tending his families livestock as a herds boy, Phuzekhemisi remains among the very few musicians from KwaZulu Natal to draw on the social ills that plague his fellow villagers in the songs that he composes.

Some of Phuzekhemisi Albums