Mthandi IGcokama-Elisha Manqele has ‘spiced’ up Maskandi Music by being featured in a House track.

Earlier this month Afrotainment released a single from their in house DJ, DJ Boonu. The song is titled uSwidi Wodwa and it features Madanon, Mashayabhuqe and IGcokama-Elisha.

In an interview with uKhozi Fm’s Dudu Khoza, Manqele said when he entered the music industry; he had the vision to bring change within the industry of Maskandi.

“When I made a breakthrough in the music industry, my wish was to take Maskandi music to greater heights; and I can see that my hopes and dreams are slowing becoming true,” said Manqele during the interview.

As part of his dream, Manqele made history by being the first Maskandi artist to be an Ambassador for a clothing brand called Cutty. In 2016 he was also the first Maskandi artist to be featured in an urban magazine called True Love Magazine.

While people were still hyped up by the unlikely combo, Manqele revealed that he is still cooking up another great album which will be released in December, but refused to give the title of the album.

The House and Maskandi combo was well received by fans, as this is what they said about the track.