Khuzani normally lets other artists release their albums during the festive season so they can get a share of the market and then he releases his own albums during the Easter season. In 2017 he did not disappoint he did exactly that when he released his much anticipated 7th album, Isixaxa Samaxoki (Igolide Lasethaveni), which has a staggering 22 tracks with songs such as Akalutho, Igolide featuring Shwi Nomtekhala,  Emhlangeni, Ushukela, Udumo lwami, Ubongilinda and one of the hottest tracks on the album called Amanqin’eNyathi featuring Thibela which is track number six. Amanqin’eNyathi is one of the best maskandi songs, well composed and balanced.

“Oh Nangu uKhuba, usefikile, usempofana, ubani obengathint’uKhuba?!”

With this album, anyone who was doubting Khuzani’s dominance as the King of Maskandi will have to agree that indeed he is Inkosi kaMaskandi, King Khuba! In just two after releasing Isixaxa Samaxoki, this album went gold, meaning it had sold more than 20 000 albums. In this album he worked with several artists such as Shwi Nomtekhala, Amalanda Amhlophe, Skhindi Zondi, Phathaphatha, Maqhude, Senzo Kanyile and Thibela Mpungose to name a few. Get yourself this album, To Download Khuzani Isixaxa Samaxoki: CLICK HERE!

Khuzani – Isixaxa Samaxoki (Igolide Lasethaveni) (2017)

Artist: Khuzani
Release date: 7 Apr 2017
Label: Izingane Zoma Music Promotions
Barcode: 6009707281839