Popular maskandi musician Khuzani Mpungose, also known as iNdlamlenze released his fifth album in 2015 and it was titled Isihlahla Samavukane. The 14-track hot album was on high rotation on many major radio stations in South Africa, most especially om Ukhozi FM. Some of the much loved tracks on this album include: track number 4 titled Kuyaliwa which featured the legendary maskandi group, Izingane Zoma. This album also features a gospel song titled Baba Unyazi in which Khuzani is praising the leader of his church, Mduduzi Shembe of the amaNazarethe, and the growth and success the Shembe church continues to enjoy.

One of the best tracks on this album and a fan favourite is track number nine, titled Icala Lenduna, which he states that all maskandi musicians agree that he (Khuzani) is the best maskandi musician, but there is just one other maskandi musician who seems to disagree. When he is asked why disagrees he simply stares and has no answer…
Khuzani used some of the old Zulu war hymns and praises on this album. There are many other hit-tracks in this album, you’ll enjoy it! It’s a must have!

Khuzani – Isihlahla Samavukane (2015)

Artist: Khuzani
Release date: 1 June 2015
Record Label: Izingane Zoma Music Promotions

The next album that Khuzani Mpungose released after Isihlahla samavukane was Inyoni Yomthakathi which had the popular hit-track Qula Kwedini in 2016.

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