Young ‘Maskandi’ musician David Jenkins, who is very fond of Zulu traditional music, says he has big plans for his musical career in 2012.

Jenkins has done exceptionally well following in Johnny Clegg‘s footsteps and believes the support of his parents has been key.

“My love for Zulu culture started when I was nine years old after watching a lot of movies and reading up on the culture,” Jenkins said.

“Luckily enough my parents and family didn’t discourage me when it came to following my passion.”

In 2011, Jenkins won an award for his debut album “Child of Africa” and also collaborated with ‘Maskandi’ heavyweight Maqhinga.

He has travelled the world doing what he loves and hopes that he grows to be a major hit. Legendary musician Johnny Clegg and Phuz’ekhemisi are just two of the artists he hopes to work with in future.

“This is the year where I focus on my music and make sure my name and my brand is out there and people are aware,” he added.

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